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BCAA INSTANT is only one really pure BCAA without any other ingredients!


During long-term and sustained exercise, muscles use large amounts of amino acids as a source for energy. The body prefers to use BCAAs for energy, since they readily replace glucose in the energy production pathways. As muscles begin to use BCAAs, the amounts of these amino acids drop, which allows tryptophan to enter the brain, inducing fatigue and tiredness. Research shows that supplementation with branched-chain amino acids can prevent central fatigue by tightly regulating the amount of tryptophan.  


Nutritional info 

Energy                                                                              80kJ
Fat                                                                                    0,1g
saturated fatty acids                                                        0g
Carbohydrates                                                                 0,4g
Sugar                                                                               0,1
Fiber                                                                                0g
protein                                                                            0g
 Salt                                                                                 0g

 L Isoleucine Free from                                                *1 250g

L-Leucine free from                                                     *2 500mg

L-Valine free from                                                       *1 250mg

Suggested Use

Mix 1 heaping scoop (6,5 g) in 200 – 300 ml of water
For maximum energy, high intensity of training and muscle loss prevention during the workout being on a weight loss program: 1 scoop 20 – 30 min before the exercise, it is possible to begin already during that
For muscle mass growth: split your BCAA dose (the advances athletes and athletes with bodyweight 80 kg and higher 2 – 3 scoops) in 3 parts – the first part 20 – 30 min before the exercise, the second part during the exercise and the last part 30 min after the exercise
For recovery support: split your BCAA dose in two parts, drink the first part during the second half of your workout and the second part after that.


BCAA INSTANT supplementation during hard training or weight loss program can prevent muscle catabolism – for this effect use BCAA before or during the training. For muscle mass growth use BCAA before, during and after your workout. For recovery, support use it after the workout or you can begin to drink it already in the second half of that.