Xtreme Napalm

Xtreme Napalm

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XTREME NAPALM LOADED WITH VITARGO is an advanced stimulant designed for use before intensive strength or endurance sessions to provide efficient pre-workout preparation for the body. Containing high molecular mass carbohydrates rapidly absorbed into the body XTREME NAPALM LOADED WITH VITARGO delivers a fast-acting source of energy to enhance the intensity of your training session. Furthermore, the active ingredients also support energy metabolism during exercises to provide the best platform for optimum performance. Arginine and beta-alanine delivered by the Xtreme NO-Volumising Complex enhance the nitric oxide (NO) release from epithelial tissue, which dilates the blood vessels, accelerating nutrients and oxygen transport to working muscles giving the strong feeling of "perpetual pump" during an entire training session.

Nutritional Info 

Serving size: 2 (10 g)
Servings per container: 100
Amount per 10 g (% RDA)
Vitamin C 100 mg (125)
Niacin 10 mg (73)
Vitamin B6 4 mg (286)
Vitamin B12 5 µg (200)
Selenium 27,5 µg (50)
Napalm Proprietary Formula
Xtreme NO-Volumizing Complex 3 000 mg
Beta Alanine (as CarnoSyn®) 2 000 mg
Arginine AKG 1 000 mg
Xtreme Power & Focus Complex 1 550 mg
Citrulline malate 750 mg
Taurine 500 mg
Caffeine anhydrous 200 mg
Glucuronolactone 100 mg
Delivery & Electrolite Complex 5 255 mg
Barley starch (Vitargo®) 5 000 mg
Sodium bicarbonate 90 mg
Potassium phosphate 90 mg
Magnesium phosphate 50 mg
Hydrolysed casein (PeptoPro®) 25 mg
% RDA – Recommended Dietary Allowance
Ingredients: Barley starch (Virago®), Beta-alanine (as CarnoSyn®), arginine AKG, citrulline malate, taurine, caffeine anhydrous, glucuronolactone, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), sodium bicarbonate, magnesium phosphate, potassium phosphate, flavour, hydrolysed casein from milk (PeptoPro®), acidity regulator (citric acid), niacin (nicotinamide), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide, tricalcium phosphate), sweetener (sucralose), sodium selenite, colour (E110 - may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).

Recommended use

Mix 1 scoop with 100-150 ml of water or juice and consume 30 minutes before workout. Warnings: For healthy adults only. Do not use if you are allergic to any of supplement compounds. Contain milk products. High caffeine content (200mg/serving size). Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding woman. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.


Please note: The product cannot be used as a substitute for a healthy & varied diet. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

All of the above claims are made directly by the manufacturer of the product and effectiveness may vary.

Do not use if allergic to any ingredient.